We have the largest capacity for Manganese Sulfate Mono-hydrate in India, of 1800 Tons per month. The manufacturing facility is the finest of all Mang...

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Manganese Sulfate Mono-hydrate


With over 15 years’ experience of manufacturing CCS, our product quality compares favourably with other leading brands. We have bench-marked the dis...

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Croscarmellose Sodium– CCS


Rubex International is a High Quality, reliable manufacturer of various grades of Calcium Carbonate Granular. Quality offered is comparable to the ver...

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Calcium Carbonate Granular


Ferrous Fumarate is a source of iron. It’s a supplement used in tablets and syrups, as also in mineral blends as an iron source. Fumarate, also know...

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Ferrous Fumarate BP/EP/USP


Minerals are essential for the appropriate growth of animals. Minerals also help with the animals’ metabolic rate, immunity, and reproduction. One o...

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Manganese Oxide