Calcium Phosphate Manufacturing and Exports
Rubex International, an associate company of Rubexco, is the best exporter and manufacturer of :
Di Calcium Phosphate DihydrateUnmilled USP / BP / EP
Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate Milled USP/ BP/ EP
Di Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous Unmilled USP /BP / EP
Di Calcium Phospahte Anhydrous Milled USP / BP / EP
Tri Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous Powder USP / EP / FCC
Calcium Carbonate Granular 90% DC
Calcium Carbonate Granular 94% DC With Maltodextrin
Calcium Carbonate Granular 94% DC with Maltodextrin + Gum Acacia
Rubex International has a partnership for manufacturing at a site occupying an area over 3000 Sq .M. employing over 80 people, & having an installed capacity of 2500 MT of Calcium Phosphates per annum. The manufacturing facilities comprises of state of art equipment, a fully equipped laboratory, & is operated by highly skilled staff.

Our Calcium Phosphates are sold to the finest Pharmaceutical companies in India, & are regularly exported to the U.S. West Europe, & other markets. These products find application as a Dietary Calcium & Phosphorous supplement, in the Neutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry, as an Excipient. Tricalcium Phosphate is largely used in the  Beverage and Food Industry. Calcium Carbonate Granular is used for the manufacture of Calcium Tablets.

The unique features of our product are :
Pure White Coloured Product, free of black particles.
Free from Fungus, Bacteria & other biological Impurities.
Conformity to California Proposition Lead & Fluorine levels
Ability to manufacture specific Particle Size for Direct Compression into Tablets.
Product manufactured under rigid quality standards, with strict adherence to GMP, & fully tested for all parameters.
ISO TS 22002 Part 1  Certified
Kosher & Halal Certified. 
With recent addition to our manufacturing capacity, we are expanding our presence into new markets.
Rubex International is the most reliable quality source of Calcium Phosphates & Granular Calcium Carbonate for the most stringent applications.
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