Exporting Chemicals over 25 years worldwide, Rubexco is the most trusted Chemical Exporter from India. Extensive knowledge of the Indian Chemical Industry, assurance of only good quality supplies, makes us the preferred supply source. West Europe is our largest market.

Rubexco pre-audits manufacturing plants, arranges required certifications & regulatory requirements, and ensures correct product testing and reporting.

Located in the highly industrialized region of India adds to our strength in both Sourcing and Marketing. The Dominant Indian Chemical production is in Gujarat, where we are located.

We have diverse business, which includes Chemical Exports, Chemical Imports and Polymer Agency of Reliance Industries Ltd.

Rubexco has around 365 customers, with over 48 major products. During the financial year 2013–14, we supplied Chemicals and Polymers totaling 66,217 MT, valued at Rs. 692 Crore (USD 115 Million), mainly through Indenting Sales.
Why Choose Us ?
  • Comprehensive knowledge of International Trade
  • Supplies from the best and most reliable manufacturing source
  • Plants Audited, ensuring required Certifications, and Product Testing
  • Ability to source and offer entire range of Chemicals from India.
  • Transparency in all Transactions.
  • Commitment to render Impeccable services.
  • Negotiating satisfactory settlement of Disputes.


To become a world class marketing, distribution and outsourcing entity
To provide the best of transparent and responsive services to our Customers and Suppliers.
To develop a highly motivated, performance oriented team of professionals, dedicated towards complete customer satisfaction.
To build a strong knowledge base of chemical markets.


Rubexco intends to be a major distributor of Chemicals, Polymers and Allied Products, aggressively expanding our product basket and markets.
Rubexco aims to emerge as an agent and supplier of difference, to both Principles and Customers, through performing all tasks with responsibility and perfection.
Rubexco creates strong partnership with Suppliers and Customers, through honesty and transparency.

Business Philosophy

Rubexco believes in honest and ethical practices, and follows complete Transparency in business.

Rubexco builds long term business relations. We possess the perseverance and patience to invest in long term market development, and invest time and resources during the gestation period. Rubexco is sensitive to conflicts of interest, and voluntarily avoids handling competing products and representing competing organizations. Moreover, we respect and protect the confidentiality of both our Customers and Principals.

While harboring ambitions of dynamic growth, Rubexco commits to expand business with adherence to best ethical practices.

Services Offered

Rubexco believes in total commitment towards business and operations. We commit ourselves to be a reliable Partner, and offer a wide range of services to both customers and suppliers.

Our services include :
  • Market Research and Intelligence
  • Providing technical support to customers.
  • Negotiating transactions
  • Assisting in completion of procedural formalities
  • Providing of logistic support.
  • Commitment to resolve quality or delivery related problems.
  • Negotiating amicable settlement of differences.