Exporting Chemicals over 25 years worldwide, Rubexco is the most trusted Chemical Exporter from India. Extensive knowledge of the Indian Chemical Industry, assurance of only good quality supplies, makes us the preferred supply source. West Europe is our largest market.

Rubexco pre-audits manufacturing plants, arranges required certifications & regulatory requirements, and ensures correct product testing and reporting.

Located in the highly industrialized region of India adds to our strength in both Sourcing and Marketing. The Dominant Indian Chemical production is in Gujarat, where we are located.

We have diverse business, which includes Chemical Exports, Chemical Imports and Polymer Agency of Reliance Industries Ltd.

Rubexco has around 380 customers, with over 48 major products. During the financial year 2017–18, we supplied Chemicals and Polymers totalling 68,000 MT, valued at Rs. 618 Crore (USD 93 Million), mainly through Indenting Sales.