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    Nutraceuticals / Food Ingredients

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    Industrial Chemicals

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    Polymers / Resins / Technical Fabric

Starting in 1992, Rubexco positions itself as a specialised marketing company, officially representing producers who engage us for export marketing of their products. We primarily focus on 3 sectors, namely :

Feed Premix
Nutraceutical & Pharma
Food Chemicals

Our strength is derived from representing the very finest Indian Manufacturers, offering quality comparable to the “Best in the World “, and with large capacity, hence assuring continuous product availability. Our buyers are the largest and most reputed Industry leaders, who treat us as a preferred supplier. Rubexco adds value to buyers and producers, hence enjoy their patronage over the last almost 3 decades.

Rubexco assures supply from the same consistent source, with complete transparency, and the “buyer to producer“ transaction, with a promise of long term business. Hence, buying through Rubexco means buying from a manufacturer, with the additional factor of Rubexco’s services and product / market knowledge.

Our regular clients are located world-wide, in New Zealand and Australia, the Asia Pacific countries of Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand, Middle East countries of Jordon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey—practically all countries of West Europe and Central Europe, Canada, USA, Peru, Mexico, and other Central and Latin American countries—truly a global market.